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Welcome To The New Digital Town Square For The Destination Marketing Industry

Welcome To The New Digital Town Square For The Destination Marketing Industry

We’re so glad you’re here. We’re so proud to welcome you to TourismIQ. This is a movement to shape the future of the destination marketing industry and ensure success for those currently in tourism and those to come. You can expect to see a curation of news, education and resources, along with leadership and direction from your peers in one easy-to-use platform. While destination marketing is a small industry, we rarely get to connect and interact with one another unless we go to a major industry conference. TourismIQ will allow the conversation to continue year-round, regardless of your travel plans.

We invite you to connect, contribute, and consume the abundance of content on this platform. Each of you have unique knowledge that you can now share with anyone at any time. Here, you can learn about a topic that has been difficult to conquer in the past. You can share successes, helping your colleagues skip some of the steps that come along with trial and error. You can catch up on the latest news and education or even look for your next opportunity.

Our mission is to give you all the tools you need to increase your industry knowledge (TourismIQ) and in turn, propel this incredible sector forward. Welcome to the future.

All the best.

The TourismIQ Team